Pain Relief

The painkiller range consists of mono, dual and triple-action painkillers that relieve you when you need it most. We believe the more you understand about the pain you’re suffering, the more empowered you are to do something positive about it.
Our painkiller range is available in different formats, including tablets, capsules, effervescent and hot drinks.*

*Not all products sold in all countries. Visit product page for more information.

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The Right Pain Relief for You

Solpadeine is the expert in pain relief offering a range of combination painkillers. Always ask your pharmacist if you have questions about which product is right for you 

Not all products are marketed in all countries. Visit product website for more information.

Pain relief

Pain Relief Products

  • Solpadeine Plus

    Solpadeine Plus

  • Solpadeine Max

  • Solpadeine

    Solpadeine Headache

  • Solpadeine Plus Soluble

  • Panodil

  • Neo-Optalidon

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A Business Model Built on Creating High-Quality Products

By combining global sourcing, supply chain mastery, and a forward-looking approach to self-care, we’re positioned to be the market leader in each region where we operate.

Dedicated to Improving Your Health

Our commitment to quality and compliance provides consumers access to safe, effective and affordable products that they depend upon and trust.